Fluid Cream

Product Information Grade A Pasteurized Fluid Cream is produced from the separation of milk fat from whole milk. Cream is used in the manufacturing of ice cream, butter, cheese, cultured products, frozen foods and confections. It is manufactured in accordance …

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Skim Condensed Milk

Product Information Our Grade A Pasteurized Skim Condensed Milk is the nonfat fluid that results after cream is separated from whole milk and is further concentrated through the evaporation process. It is used to manufacture cheese, ice cream and other …

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Ultrafiltered Skim Liquid Protein

As part of our continuing goal to provide leading edge products to our clients, O-AT-KA offers Grade A Fluid Skim Milk Protein Concentrate. The ultrafiltration process passes skim milk through a specially sized membrane, separating the milk components at the …

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