Our spirit of innovation has continued on from our humble beginnings in 1959 and is at the heart of everything we do.  It has helped us grow from 5 employees when we opened to over 450 employees in our 600,000 square-foot facility today. The continuous investments we make in our people, equipment and technology enables us to process hundreds of millions of pounds of milk annually. Our constant pursuit of premium quality combined with a full range of evolving service options makes us the best co-packer for your beverage and dairy ingredient production needs.



At O-AT-KA, our goal is to be a leader in the beverage industry. More than a co-packer of beverages, we’re also recognized as a full service, results-oriented partner to our customers. Our proven track record of industry innovation and success is derived from a formula of top quality people, products and services.

The hallmarks of our customer relationships are integrity, honesty and transparency to the highest degree. Working together every step of the way and at every level of management, we are relentless in the pursuit of customer success. And having worked with Fortune 500 companies to produce and distribute global brands, we’ve developed extensive experience in what works and have a keen sense of what’s next.



We are a results oriented company that partners with our customers to create innovative dairy based products.

To be recognized by our customers as the dairy industry leader in our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in all that we do.


Our Cooperative Heritage

Quality & Integrity in All That We Do

Innovation & Creative Thinking

Performance Driven

Commitment to Our Owners,
Customers, Employees & Community



90% of our supply comes from within a 100-mile radius of our manufacturing facility. Our products are known for their premium-level quality, due in no small part to the quality and freshness of the milk supply we have available to us from our dairy cooperative owner, Upstate Niagara Cooperative

We are proud to emulate the work ethic of our supplying farms. Their dedication to the land and sustainable practices are an example to us all. We combine the results of their labor with a fresh supply of ideas to create innovative products that meet market needs.



While we pride ourselves on the freshness of our milk supply, we also take extreme measures to hold the end product to the highest quality and health standards. Internally, quality control is built into all of our processes. Externally, we are associated with, as well as certified, licensed and permitted by numerous organizations that attest to the reliability and quality of our products.



At our core is our commitment to our owners, customers, employees and community. The environment and surrounding community that is the source of our good fortune deserves the highest levels of stewardship. The people who work so diligently for our organization deserve our best, and the peace of mind that comes from working in a safe facility. The consumers who buy our products deserve the highest quality and strictest compliance to government regulations. By doing all of this we ensure the preservation of our world and your reputation.

SUSTAINABILITYWe are committed to sustainable practices, continuously seeking innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain an environmentally conscious production facility. We encourage and welcome vendors’ individual ‘green’ programs.
ENVIRONMENTALIn our ongoing quest for sustainable, clean production, we have entered into a long-term partnership with a leader in wastewater management and have installed anaerobic digesters to convert permeate to methane gas supplementing our boiler system. In addition, we have designed a comprehensive recycling program which allows our facility to have minimal landfill impact.
HEALTH & SAFETYO-AT-KA is dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Through diligent training, we ensure our employees and those representing O-AT-KA are responsible for knowing and complying with all applicable ESHS laws and regulations, as well as O-AT-KA's relevant policies, standards and guidelines.
ANIMAL WELFAREOur owners and their member farms stand firm in their commitment to excellence in animal health and well-being, and proudly endorse the National Dairy Farm Program.  Our supplying farms participate in regular on-farm evaluations which focus on continuous improvement, strong relationships with veterinarians, and employee training and communication specific to animal care - all with the goal of attaining optimum levels of herd health.



Our customer relationships are built on trust and accessibility. At O-AT-KA, we have been fortunate to have many long-term and on-going relationships with Fortune 500 manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers due in large part to the trust we’ve established. Our customers know that we hold their manufacturing processes, formulations and even identities in the strictest confidence. We understand the proprietary nature of the brands that are entrusted to us and are fiercely protective of them.



There’s no doubt that the number one thing that sets O-AT-KA apart is the people behind the process. In every department of our organization, the strength of our teams, focus on continuous improvement and the knowledge that hard work gets recognized is what keeps us motivated and enjoying our trade.



At O-AT-KA, we believe that upper management should stay in touch with customer needs. That’s why our customers always know they have direct access to the highest levels of our organization. Removing organizational barriers ensures quick responses to your requests, faster turnarounds, product launches and results.